The Shagin Law Group LLC was established in 1996, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and serves clients throughout the world.

The Shagin Law Group LLC is a  group of lawyers each with their own practice areas and specialties.  While the firm originally focused on business and project finance, it quickly developed a comprehensive immigration practice that represents employers seeking to hire foreign workers; individuals  seeking to enter the United States;  provides comprehensive advice to criminal defense attorneys on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions; represents individuals seeking asylum in the United States; and others seeking to protect their status in removal proceedings. Additionally, the firm has a local and state government practice; engages in general litigation and has a comprehensive family law practice.

Other firms have more lawyers, some have fancier offices, and most have larger revenues.   No law firm in America, however, has more interesting clients.   The firm has for the past fourteen years represented individuals from virtually every country on the planet (Bhutan, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City and Lichtenstein excepted) and from every walk of life:  movie stars from Nepal; circus performers from Bulgaria; stowaway children from unidentified parts of Africa; Gypsies from Eastern Europe; political opposition leaders from Zimbabwe; tribal kings from Uganda and Niger; trafficking victims from North Korea; members of royal families from the Middle East; mushroom workers from Latin America; chefs from Morocco; opera singers from Mongolia; nurses from the Philippines; violin-bow makers from Brazil; computer programmers from India; and journalists, poets, musicians, fashion models, doctors, novelists, and scientists from around the world.  Our clients command interest just by who they are and where they have come from and make our work incredibly interesting and rewarding.

This website is continuously changing and it is our goal to provide comprehensive information on this site in each of our various practice areas.  We welcome your comments particularly expressions of interest in one area or another that you would like us to provide. Your feedback is critical to our efforts to constantly improve this site and make it a better resource for the public. You may send your comments and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .